(#) personality test: you in the mirror of desire and art (inspired by lebensmensch)

most personality test's questions are shallow, biased, suggestive and easy to guess what they are up to. the ones of this personality test are not. they are especially made for and relevant to those to whom they are relevant to. don't think to much about the questions. be. you can choose a maximum of two answers per question. you may want to write them down on a piece of paper. please note, that the font colour of some answers is light grey. these are linked. you can open all the links in new parallel tabs to answer the question. this may help you to concentrate. no matter what the results are - you are ok, you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are special, you are hot. everything is ok exactly the way it is.


if you could offer your descendants just one tip for the future, which one would be it?
a. sunscreen. use sunscreen. it's benefits have been proven be scientists.
b. it would be the knowledge of one end of the night
c. learn how to love unconditionally, even before we will finally be free
d. drink. and dance. and screw. there is nothing else to do.

which entity did you already see disengaging?
a. the marksmen
b. the music
c. the auxiliary fire brigade
d. a tiger

what is depicted by the pictures of strangers that you stumble across on facebook that move you to tears?
a. long missed loved ones
b. your exes
c. people sleeping together, but obviously not in a sexual way
d. people breaking into open air pools at night, skinny-dipping

what comes to your mind most often when you contemplate on a work of art?
a. popular culture does still apply to me
b. will this be over soon?
c. paolo coelho really has such a great voice
d. i am so bored by all these old white rich heterosexual men

you always leave me...
a. too soon (and not: when tomorrow comes)
b. head over heels
c. with a bad conscience
d. quite disturbed

but if you had to. if it would be the end of the world. which one would you marry?
a. ryan gosling
b. ryan gosling
c. ryan gosling
d. bastian schweinsteiger

what kind of houseplant are you?
a. dracaena
b. yucca
c. chlorophytum
d. aroidea

why is it that you think animals make such good characters in a work of fiction?
a. they are cute, they purr and chirp, they have fury fluffy bodies.
b. they don't speak our language. and in fact the barely have one of their own.
c. they could easily be portrayed by ryan gosling.
d. they move. you don't know why they do that. yet they move by themselves.

which one is your favourite website?
a. match.com
b. grindr.com
c. spotted: university of innsbruck
d. hetexted.com

if you don't ask me out to dinner...
a. i wouldn't mind
b. i will ask somebody else
c. i won't eat
d. i'll say: go fuck yourself, du böse kröte

which of ms. willow rosenberg's love interests do you feel most attached to?
a. oz
b. vampire willow
c. kennedy
d. tara

what insider joke do you keep mumbling to yourself the most?
a. i am so sick of all this bits and pieces (all the time)
b. wait. nobody's leaving. and nobody's staying (basically during every decision you have to make and every argument you are experiencing)
c. i'm a clever girl, i won't ruin my precious feet (when being fatigued by something the minute you started doing it)
d. no place to hang your coat (when entering a bar)

which one of these far too young girls can you relate to the most?
a. gregor schlierenzauberer
b. dave gahan
c. amber benson
d. ellen page

which outfit would you wear to propose to me / to hit on me (one point each)?
a. a
b. b
c. c
d. d

which response do get most often when presenting a work of art you just created to your friends and colleagues?
a. "but you never told me you didn't like me after all"
b. "will this be over soon?"
c. "you didn't really experience all that by yourself anyway"
d. "anyway, the first half was good and then the other half, well, it needs more dragons and shit."

choose your karaoke song for a duet!
a. take that - back for good
b. bill medley and jennifer warnes - the time of my ife
c. the foundations - build me up buttercup
d. münchener freiheit - ohne dich schlaf' ich heut' nacht nicht ein


now that was fun, wasn't it? now just count together your scores. which two letters did you choose most often? that's your type! (btw: a&b = b&a, and so on)

a&b: poor you, you are a seventeen year old girl. if you don't go out tonight, it will be the end of the world. everything is life and death to you. you worry far too much about basically everything. but you may rest assured that this will be over soon. and don't worry: the most interesting people i know have been like you at your age.

a&c: you're average, but most people are, so don't be sad about that. if life was a tv series, you would be a supporting character. most of the time, you just listen to the real heroes talking about their problems, and you are good at it. frankly, you are a bit boring, but you have some personality traits as well, that are special. only shallow people don't see that in fact you are what makes the others shine.

a&d: oh my, what a mess you are. you're sure you didn't mess up adding your points? scroll back to the top and do the test again. if you still end up here, i truly don't know what to say to you.

b&c: to you everything seems to be plain fun fun fun. you may have 99 problems, but a low self-esteem is none of them. to some people you may seem vain, superficial and phony, but i know that deep down, hidden below all that over-exaggerated fake fuss there is a heart of gold, a true soul and a sensitive person just looking for the right place in the world.

b&d: believe me, i know how you always feel: it hurts, and it hurts a lot. the blinding light wasn't made for you, as you belong to the shadows. but you should never be embarrassed by your trouble with living, because it is us with the sorest throats, b&d, who have done the most singing.

d&c: that's my type by the way and hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. but here's my number, so call me, maybe?
boombaye (Gast) - 11. Jan, 11:59

a&d, of course. complete mess.

mauszfabrick - 12. Jan, 17:00

but you are still amazing

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