(#) top ten artikel zum thema, wo emma watson nachholbedarf sieht als gründe, warum emma watson im spielfim this is the end nicht in den himmel kommt als generelle leckagebeschreibungen

10 tiroler tageszeitung kompakt, 17.02.16: emma watson will kein hascherl sein = pre-marital sex, probably = wasser läuft aus
09 die welt, 16.02.16: emma watson über nachholbedarf in sachen emanzipation = because she had a time travel machine that she only used 1 time but allowed many other people to die = tropfender wasserhahn
08 t-online.de, 17.02.16: emma watson selbstkritisch: "ich tat alles, um zu gefallen" (inklusive foto-show "emma watson im wandel der zeit") = the general message of the movie is that everyone in hollywood are self centered pricks, deep down. they're so utterly full of themselves, that when the main cast are actually discussing the rapture, they all seem utterly offended that they wouldn't be considered a part of it. emma watson is the same = wasserdicht (tropft nicht)
07 n24.de, 16.02.16: schauspielerin über nachholbedarf in emanzipation = i heard from someone and they knew her pre-fame and she was a little rude to people then but when she got famous it was a lot worse = dampfdicht (schwitzen)
06 stern.de, 16.02.16: emma watson sieht nachholbedarf in sachen emanzipation = i like to think she became witch overlord and satans viceroy on earth = bakteriendicht
05 diestandard.at, 16.02.16: emma watson: "ich tat alles, um zu gefallen" = apparantly because rogen and goldberg are not capabel of caring enough as to give a reason when writing a female character = benzin- und öldicht
04 orf.at., 15.02.16: emma watson sieht nachholbedarf in sachen emanzipation = well, she liked forrest gump = virendicht
03 salzburger nachrichten, 16.02.16: emma watson sieht viel nachholbedarf bei emanzipation= because she robbed seth' and yay's group and never atoned or repented for it, but i may be wrong = gasdicht
02 tiroler tageszeitung, 16.02.16: emma watson sieht viel nachholbedarf in sachen emanzipation = the films she starred in promote witchcraft, which is a sin and the work of the devil = gasdicht (gesichert)
01 frankfurter allgemeine zeitung, 16.02.16: emma watson über nachholbedarf in sachen emanzipation = because she is the person that restarts civilization, gathering survivors to first fight off danny's gang and then working from there to rebuild society = absolut dicht (technisch)

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